Most people in Singapore may never even have heard of boudoir photography in the first place. However, if you are on this site now, you probably have heard of it and are wondering if you should actually go for a boudoir photoshoot in Singapore. (For the people who are wondering what it is, read more here –

Here are some reasons why you should take boudoir photos.

  1. First of all, it will be a great gift for you. Even if you do not intend to ever share the photos (which is perfectly fine), you can show off your beauty and have great memories. You can even give yourself an esteem boost with your boudoir photos on your down days! But the main point is that it is a set of memory for yourself. Just like you like to take photos of yourself at different touristy landmarks in Singapore and around the world, this is the same. Except that you are the landmark and main memory!
  2. Second of all, if you have never been for a boudoir photography session in Singapore, you will be in for a treat. You will feel like a celebrity at a bikini or lingerie photo shoot. A great boudoir photographer in Singapore will be able to treat you like a celebrity, with all the right equipment. You posing in different poses and changing clothes and outfits multiple times will definitely also make you feel like a total Hollywood celebrity! If that was not enough, seeing your final edited boudoir photos taken by a professional will usually blow your mind as to how good you will look!
  3. Third of all, you also get to go shopping. Some photographers in Singapore will also follow their female clients to go lingerie or clothes shopping. And am I right to say that all women in Singapore love to shop? Haha. So there you go!
  4. Some women after child birth or whatever may feel out of shape and not confident even though they may not actually look bad. However, no matter how ‘bad’ you feel about your current looks, a professional hairstylist, photographer and editor will make you look shockingly amazing.