Who Are The Women in Singapore Who Take Boudoir Photographs?

If you are wondering who are the women in Singapore who take boudoir photographs, or are suitable for it, read on!

Singaporean models looking to break into lingerie modelling

First of all, these are Singaporean models who are looking to break into lingerie modelling. And everyone knows what is at the pinnacle of lingerie modelling – being a Victoria’s Secret angel. Although it may be more difficult for Asians, and a Singaporean to be a┬áVictoria’s Secret angel given that it is a United States based company, you never know what is possible! I strongly recommend that if you are such a model planning to enter lingerie modelling, take boudoir photographs. Having such photos taken by a professional in your comp card will definitely help you stand out. A normal photographer may not be able to capture you in such a beautiful light. However, a professional such as myself will be able to help you look great (hint! Contact me).

Girls who want to or are working as escorts

Second of all, some Singaporean women who get boudoir photography are independent escorts may want to get their photographs taken as well. There are two famous local independent social escorts Cara and Rebecca who had boudoir photographs taken. Of course, escorts also want a mix of other photos such as them in a evening dress e.t.c. While I was not the photographer for them, they had boudoir photos taken. I presume that some escorts who work at escort agencies will also get boudoir images taken.

Random women

Third of all, random women in Singapore. Having a boudoir photography photoshoot session is simply a gift for yourself. Instead of having photos of yourself taken at tourist destinations, taking such photos is akin to taking memories of one’s beauty. A good boudoir photographer will really make you feel confident and sexy by taking amazing photographs of you. These images will then become part of your memories, just like any other photos that you have. Except that these images are of you!

As you can see, there are different types of women in Singapore who get boudoir photographs of themselves taken. So, what do you think? Do you know of any other popular group who gets such images taken of themselves?

Let me know in the comments section below!