Interesting Dive Into Social Escorts Lives In Singapore

In my previous post I talked about how it could be possible that some escorts working in Singapore go for boudoir photography, I stumbled upon this YouTube video. Talk about YouTube stalking me!

It is basically a video showing how a Singaporean social escort model lives her life in Singapore. In a country where the culture is still generally conservative compared to Western civilizations, it is always interesting to watch such interviews. Since the years that the following interview was conducted, approximately back in 2013, Singapore has actually begun to be more liberal – culturally.

Nonetheless, I found it an interesting look into how social escorts live in Singapore. If you watch the following video, you will realize that escorts actually lead very ordinary lives in Singapore, save for their sometimes very luxurious possessions.

Edit: Wow. After reading more about escorts in Singapore, I realized that some agencies are really big in Singapore. One of them has even been featured on Yahoo! before. Maybe Singapore is more open than I thought and I wasn’t aware of it only!