More Singaporean Girls Are Becoming Escorts – Is Singapore Now Liberal?

As my business is in boudoir photography, I meet a lot of women in Singapore. Something related to some of my previous posts is that it is surprising the amount of women who reveal to me that they had considered before or knew people who were social escorts in Singapore! And I am not referring to those foreign women on illegal work permit passes that so many of you may have read about in the news once in a while. I am talking about legitimate local sg girl social escorts. So is Singapore now liberal?

While actually only a few of my women clients have considered being a social escort before or told me stories of their friend being an escort model and raking in the money as a sideline, it is still surprising to me considering this is Singapore.

So I then went to think of some reasons why it appears as though more girls in Singapore are being social escorts now. And whether it is a fundamental change in Singapore or something else.

It turns out that there are namely only for a few reasons. They are:
1) to clear their university loan debts
2) to sponsor a luxury lifestyle
3) for the heck of it while making a lot of money while at it

1. To clear university loans

Many of these girls come from lower income families. Since most families in Singapore only stay in public housing known as Housing Development Board (HDB) flats for the poor, it is more common than you think for such thoughts to come across the girls’ minds. For example, my clients are relatively wealthy now. But they used to come from poor families, and so they needed the money and so they considered working a job before! Many of these girls are also university students or graduates. Even with the subsidies for Singaporean girls, tuition fees increase every year without fail in Singapore.

To clear these debts, they usually need to work for several years. By the time they clear it, they need to clear housing loan. Be it condo, landed or HDB, most Singaporeans pick up a loan and need to clear it. There will be children then. The costs will never end, and so they wish to clear their university loan debts as soon as possible. Being born into a poor family is a ‘curse’ per se in an expensive city like Singapore, and these girls are hardworking enough to want to get rid of their loans, debts and their poor status. So they work as a female escort in Singapore. They work as an escort for a noble cause.

In fact, this happened in the past too even back 20-30 years ago, just that because social media, Internet proliferation was not as extreme, people felt nobody were social escorts. But in reality, a surprising amount of girls became one. Whether they lasted or got many clients is another matter altogether.

2. To sponsor a luxurious lifestyle

Second of all, not every escort is working to clear debts. Some escorts come from middle class families, and look to escort work to sponsor a luxurious lifestyle. While only a handful of escorts in Singapore could truly succeed and get a lot of money with just hours a week, it is still decent money for everyone as long as you are willing to work hard to get clients. It is also why some girls give up in the end and turn to an agent, or rather, a local Singapore escort agency to get clients faster as you can then leverage their existing clients and new clients. The escorts who work to sponsor a luxurious lifestyle usually flaunt their wealth more, afterall that is their goal. In that sense, you can say that this second group of escorts are relatively more liberal.

3. For fun or for the heck of it

Third of all, it may surprise you that even girls from upper class families have considered or become social escorts before. Some of my clients come from the upper echelon of society in Singapore, and come from rich families. Yet they still become escorts for the heck of it. They just like the thrill of being an escort and meeting rich men and making a lot of money in the meantime.

In a nutshell, there are some girls who are more liberal per se. But in general, you will realize that the reasons they become social escorts are always the same throughout the decades. It is perhaps partly due to the nature of the Internet, as well as my job working with many women which has exposed me to more heartland women who has made me feel that way at first. But in reality, while Singapore is becoming more liberal, it is nowhere as extreme as some people put it out to be!