Becoming A Social Escort In Singapore – Do You Need Boudoir Photos?

While I am not an escort agency nor an escort, some girls who want to be escorts in Singapore contact me and ask if they should take boudoir photography if they want to be a successful escort. Additionally, there has been more Singaporean girls becoming escorts lately, and so I have also been getting more such questions. I actually cannot reply that question, since I am a photographer, and not an agency manager. However, this is what I have noticed from my experience, as well as what I have noticed many other girls in Singapore do.

If you want to be a social escort in Singapore, you may want to first check out the various ways you can get clients. One of the ways that most Singaporean girls do so is by joining an established and registered agency. If they are already established, they already have an existing pool of clients. They will be able to help you get clients quicker and you do not need to spend money to advertise. If you intend to join an agency, then you may want to first check out with them if boudoir or such similar style photographs are even required. For instance, looking at local agencies in Singapore, this agency does not seem like they need it. On the other hand, others in Singapore may require you to do so. I will definitely prefer if you need to take such pics because that is my business! However, if the social escort agency does not require you to do so, then perhaps you need not take it.

Another way that you can get clients as an escort in Singapore is by going independent. I have noticed that independent escorts in Singapore tend to post more of such photographs. Is it a must to succeed? I don’t know. That is just what I have noticed.

Therefore, whether you should go for a boudoir photoshoot session in Singapore or not to become a female escort in Singapore really depends on the route you want to take. There is no hard and fast rule because it depends on which path you prefer. The above is just what I noticed some clients do!