Does the average, local female escort in Singapore earn a huge salary or income like what mainstream media likes to portray? Are Chanel bags pipe dreams with an escort job, or a very common thing? I have been getting that question a lot ever since my posts on social escorts in Singapore went live on my blog.

Because I do interact with quite a number of escorts in Singapore, some local Singaporeans, and some foreigners, I think I may have come into contact with more escorts than most people in Singapore do.

Therefore, I will share my thoughts with you on this topic today!

From what I have seen, I believe most of them make a few thousand dollars extra per month on the side working as a social escort. As most of my boudoir photography clients spend around $1000 to $3000 per photoshoot with me, it is reasonable to expect that the clients make at least $5000 to $6000 per month and far more to spend such amounts with me. Since many of these escorts are students or young working adults in their 20s, they must be making near the high end or even more than the top graduates of universities and polytechnics. This is especially when you combine their day job income with their escorts earnings.

Whether a particular income is a lot of money is totally subjective. If you want to spend a few thousand dollars once in a while on a nice bag, that appears to be easily done by local escorts working in Singapore. Many of them carry Louis Vuitton or Prada or Chanel bags in their young 20s, and this is a common sight among escorts.

If you want to eat fine dining once or twice a week, that may be possible too, especially if you have a day job on top of your escort job. Thankfully, fine dining is not too expensive in Singapore so this can be more commonly achieved.

Most successful escorts in Singapore have a very posh air yet feels very relatable at the same time. They also have a very ‘do whatever it takes to succeed’ attitude from my interactions with them. So if you are like that too, then may be you can succeed or even more!