Becoming A Social Escort In Singapore – Do You Need Boudoir Photos?

While I am not an escort agency nor an escort, some girls who want to be escorts in Singapore contact me and ask if they should take boudoir photography if they want to be a successful escort. Additionally, there has been more Singaporean girls becoming escorts lately, and so I have also been getting more […]

More Singaporean Girls Are Becoming Escorts – Is Singapore Now Liberal?

As my business is in boudoir photography, I meet a lot of women in Singapore. Something related to some of my previous posts is that it is surprising the amount of women who reveal to me that they had considered before or knew people who were social escorts in Singapore! And I am not referring […]

Interesting Dive Into Social Escorts Lives In Singapore

In my previous post I talked about how it could be possible that some escorts working in Singapore go for boudoir photography, I stumbled upon this YouTube video. Talk about YouTube stalking me! It is basically a video showing how a Singaporean social escort model lives her life in Singapore. In a country where the […]